Tenchijin, Inc. (hereinafter Tenchijin) aims to enrich people's lives by combining information from the sky and ground. Tenchijin uses satellite data to provide solutions and consulting services that assist in solving socio-economic and environmental issues. Tenchijin recognizes the importance of protecting its partners' information asset from risks such as leakage, damage, and loss. For this reason, all Tenchijin employees comply with Tenchijin's basic policy to maintain its information security.

Basic policy

1.Compliance with laws and regulations

Tenchijin formulates its security policy to run its operations in accordance with this policy. Tenchijin complies with laws, regulations, and other norms related to information security, as well as with terms of client contracts.

2.Objectives of information security

Tenchijin defines the objectives of its information security, and regularly monitors and evaluates its achievement rate to protect its information assets.

3.Establishment of information security management system

Tenchijin establishes an information security management system centered on the executive officer in charge, and clarifies the responsibilities and authorities regarding information security. Tenchijin also regularly provides education, training, and awareness to ensure that all its employees recognize the importance of information security and handle information assets appropriately.

4.Information asset management

Tenchijin takes organizational, physical, technical, and human resources management measures to promote the safe and proper management and operation of its information assets. Tenchijin also takes appropriate safety measures to prevent leakage, damage, loss, etc. of information assets as necessary.

5.Response to information security incidents

Tenchijin strives to prevent information security incidents from occurring. Additionally, Tenchijin will respond promptly in the unlikely event that an information security incident occurs.

6.Continuous improvement

Tenchijin established a system based on the international standard ISMS (Information Security Management System) to implement it reliably, and to improve it continuously.

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09 August 2023
Yasuhito Sakuraba
Chief Executive Officer