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Agricultural brand 'Tenchijin FARM'

Tenchijin FARM aims to solve problems in agriculture from a space perspective.

Japanese agriculture is facing problems such as the ageing and shortage of farmers and the resulting increase in abandoned land. It currently relies heavily on technical trainees from abroad to secure the workforce, and the period of travel ban from abroad due to infectious diseases has been a major blow.

Tenchijin takes these challenges seriously and is currently working on two projects at Tenchijin FARM.

  • ① “Space Big Data Rice” to produce branded rice in response to climate change.
  • ② “Lunar Asparagus” which aims to grow asparagus on the moon.

In both projects, we are involved from finding farmland to cultivation and harvesting so that we can solve issues from the same perspective as those involved in agriculture.

Lunar asparagus Lunar asparagus Lunar asparagus