Press Release | JAXA Venture Tenchijin Wins Copernicus Masters Japan Award, an International Satellite Data Contest operated by the European Commission and the European Space Agency

Tenchijin wins First Prize at Copernicus Masters, Japan Regional Prize 2022 : A  Leakage risk map for local governments and private water utilities



The Copernicus Masters  announced this year’s Japan regional competition winner – Tenchijin, a JAXA (Japan Space Agency) startup promoting sustainable city planning  by utilizing Satellite data. Tenchijin also was the winner of the Copernicus Baywa Smart Farming challenge in 2021.



TOKYO :  Tenchijin developed a leakage risk map by utilizing deep learning algorithms to analyze original leakage data in their product COMPASS.  This risk map and their active joint demonstration with Toyota City Waterworks Bureau in Aichi prefecture was thoroughly evaluated and successfully took first place in the Regional Japan Award of Copernicus Masters 2022.



Tenchijin focused on water scarcity and waste – a serious issue expanding globally. In Japan, 8% of the nation’s annual domestic water supply is lost by leakage due to aging water pipelines, and 18% of the total water pipelines in Japan have exceeded their statutory durability age. However, the local government has a limited budget to repair the existing water pipelines, the cost of which is becoming prohibitive.



In order to visualize and evaluate the issue, Tenchijin developed a leakage risk map that can identify areas at high risk of leakage. Tenchijin can provide a 100 meters spatial resolution analysis by cross-fertilizing big data (land, soil, weather, etc) and leakage data. To demonstrate this solution, Tenchijin is working with Toyota prefecture to have a live case of identifying potential leakage zones and analyze the results of field surveys. Tenchijin plans to expand this deployment, develop a leakage survey support tool for local governments and a tool that can determine water shortages and droughts on a global scale.



■What is the Copernicus Masters?



An international competition where the European Union (EU) and European Space Agency (ESA) calls for submissions to find innovative ideas, development and solutions. There are multiple awards and prizes utilizing the satellite data for social and business applications related to the monitoring and security of the terrestrial, maritime, and atmospheric environment. 




Tenchijin COMPASS can be used for free by creating an account on the Tenchijin website.





If you are interested in customizing Tenchijin COMPASS or consulting on data analysis, please contact us at info-compass@tenchijin.co.jp



Access here for the details: https://tenchijin.co.jp/?hl=en






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Yasuhito Sakuraba