Information from space (Ten),

combined with the
information on earth (Chi),

to enrich the lives of mankind (Jin).

Tenchijin Inc.



human civilization activities
by harnessing Space Data.


Think with a perspective
from outer space:

We solve global-scale environmental and social issues by having a
perspective from outer space that goes beyond cultures, national borders, minds, and values.

Choose a passionate future:

Tenchijin is a team of members with diverse backgrounds.
We work together to maximize our performance, and to choose a passionate future so that we can act in a fun and meaningful way.

Be a pioneer with each and every individual’s actions:

At Tenchijin, we develop our services and projects regardless of our professional title
or work type. Each and every member thinks on their own, and is responsible for their actions.

Do good for the Earth:

As residents of our mother planet, we do good for our planet through our work and actions,
and we consistently think whether what we do is good for both humanity and Earth.

Message from Founders

“We believe that society
will be better with the expansion
of Tenchijn's services.”

櫻庭 康人

Yasuhito Sakuraba CEO

“We believe that society
will be better with the expansion
of Tenchijn's services.”

Tenchijin is sincerely tackling global environmental issues and social challenges from a cosmic perspective that transcends culture, borders, spirit and values. We are passionate about our mission to protect the global environment and build a sustainable society by utilising space big data. Contributing to the Earth liveability is part of the DNA as shown in the name of company, Ten: Space, Chi: Earth and Jin: Human. We believe that society will be better with the expansion of Tenchijn's services. The universe is a treasure trove of infinite possibilities. Let's make the most of it, carry out activities that are meaningful for the planet and for humanity, and build a sustainable future together.


Founded and spearheads Tenchijin with a diverse human network and a wealth of new business development experience acquired through the establishment and expansion of MindScope Corporation, Sense Sprout Inc. and other companies. His knowledge ranges from hardware to software, and he designs Tenchijin services from a business perspective.

“I came to realize that
Earth observation data
should be more useful to society.”

百束 泰俊

Yasutoshi Hyakusoku COO

“I came to realize that
Earth observation data
should be more useful to society.”

When I was a child, I saw the film Apollo 13 and was fascinated by the ingenuity and spirit of challenge of people working in space, so I became a JAXA engineer. Through the development of several Earth observation satellites, I came to realize that Earth observation data (smart big data) should be more useful to society, but that it is not yet being utilized to its full potential.

Just as my own feelings have gradually changed from "space as a dream" to "space as useful to society", it can be said that space big data has now become a driver for solving social problems and evolving human life.

As a bridge between technology and society, I would like to work with various people to create an exciting future.


Expert in Earth observation satellites, was stationed at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Centre. Currently doubles as JAXA's technical area lead, responsible for the entire development process of the GPM main satellite for precipitation observation and the Ibuki-2 satellite for greenhouse gas observation. While specializing in project management of large-scale systems, he also creates business ideas while utilizing observation data from satellites he has developed himself.

Company Profile

Company name Tenchijin Inc.
Date of
May 27, 2019
Representative Yasuto Sakuraba, CEO
Land valuation consultancy, service development
and operation using satellite data
Main clients Agriculture: Shinmei Corporation, Seiwa Corporation
Telecommunication: Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation
Water: Aomori city, Fukushima city
Location Nihonbashi Icchome Mitsui Building 5F
THE E.A.S.T. Nihonbashi Icchome ROOM 13
1-4-1 Nihonbashi, Chuo,Tokyo, 103-0027

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