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About Tenchijin

Optimize human civilization activities
by harnessing Space Data.

We solve global-scale environmental and social issues by having a perspective from outer space that goes beyond cultures, national borders, minds, and values.

Tenchijin is the first company to receive investment from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and is recognised as a JAXA Venture that uses JAXA's intellectual property and knowledge to conduct its business.

Product/Services Products and services
harnessing potential of
smart big data

By analysing and visualising the 'unseen information' of the Earth's environment with the independently developed Tenchijin COMPASS, Tenchijin reveals the value of land and the Earth's resources that no one is aware of yet, while making the most of the benefits of space big data. Once the true value of the land is known, the various civilisational activities can be optimised. Earth's resources can also be utilised without waste. The earth can be more livable.

Case Studies Environmental
and social issues
are also

Tenchijin solves various social issues in agriculture, infrastructure, renewable energy and carbon offsets.

Careers Jobs positively
impacting humanity
and the environment.

Tenchijin is looking for professionals in various fields. Expertise in space is not required. Join us and contribute to the well-being of humanity and the Earth.

Tenchijin is the first company
to receive investment from JAXA.

Tenchijin is the first space venture company to receive investment from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). Currently, Capitalizing on the expertise of Tenchijin members who concurrently hold positions at JAXA, the company has been awarded the Grand Prize for Space Development and Utilisation by the Cabinet Office. Tenchijin has also won various awards in national and international competitions.