宇宙航空研究開発機構 JAXAの知的財産や知見を利用して事業をおこなうJAXA STARTUPとして認定されており、JAXA職員と農業IoT分野に知見のある開発者が設立しました。

Tenchijin, Inc.

Tenchijin, Inc. is a start-up company that utilises big data captured in space to revolutionarise land assessment and provide a fuller evaluation of land.

We develop business solutions using high-precision, high-resolution earth observation satellite data and our proprietary land evaluation engine. We are recognized as a JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) STARTUP that conducts projects using JAXA's intellectual property and knowledge. Our company was also established by JAXA staff and developers with expertise in the agricultural IoT field.



ゼスプリブランドの品種にマッチしつつ、南半球ニュージーランドと似たような気候条件や地形等を満たす場所を、ここ日本で発掘していきます。 このプロジェクトは、内閣府による2019年度 課題解決に向けた先進的リモートセンシングデータ利用実証プロジェクトにも採択されています。

Potential Producing Area
Discovery Project

We are collaborating with Zespri Fresh Produce Japan to explore the cultivation base of Zespri brand kiwifruit in Japan.

We will discover locations in Japan that match Zespri brand varieties and have similar climatic conditions and topography to that of New Zealand. This project has also been selected by the Cabinet Office for Advanced Remote Sensing Data Utilization Demonstration Project 2019.




Using "Space Big Data"
to Increase Rice Production

We have formed a business alliance with Shinmei Holdings,co., ltd. and are working towards the production and branding of rice using big data from space.

There are concerns about the future supply capacity of Japanese agriculture due to the aging and declining number of producers. Therefore, we will make maximum use of space data and its implications as a solution for the future of farming.




Research to solve social issues
in the livestock industry

In collaboration with Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation, we are conducting research to solve social issues in the livestock industry.

This project aims to reduce the cost and improve the quality of domestically produced feed by analyzing the optimal growing conditions of grasses for cattle from space; and by providing the information on risks associated with the growing environment and the timing of seed sowing.
A better feed for cows delivers a better milk for consumers.

宇宙は身近になった。人の目と同じ感覚で理解できる衛星写真は、世の姿を明らかにし、ビジネスの幅を広げた。 しかし、もっともっと可能性がある。
陸や海の温度、雨や雪の強さ、風や潮の流れ、人の目に見えない情報を衛星で知ることができる。 誰も住んでいない山奥のことも、地球の裏側のことも。

Optimize Human Civilization by "Space Big Data"
Space has become increasingly accessible.
Satellites can provide information about the temperature of land and the intensity of rain and snow, the flow of winds and tides, and even more data invisible to our eye. This allows us to venture into previously inaccessible regions from the mountains to the opposite side of the globe.
We analyze and visualise traditionally invisible information with our “Tenchijin Compass” software and maximize its abilities to fully comprehend the nature of terra firma, and consequently, our world.
Various civilizational activities of humanity can be optimized once we understand the true value of a land.
独自開発の『天地人コンパス』は、宇宙ビッグデータを活用した情報のプラットフォームです。 あなたのビジネスの目的に応じて、蓄積された膨大な量のデータを解析し、重ね合わせることで、価値ある情報へと導きます。
The compass to navigate
your decision-making
Our proprietary "Tenchijin Compass" is an information platform that utilizes big data captured in space. It analyzes and superimposes massive amounts of data that have been collected in accordance with the objectives of your business, and leads you to valuable information.
例えば、作物の新規圃場を検討する場合、「8月の温度は30度以下、春先の降水量は100㎜~150㎜等」数多くの条件があります。 広域な範囲から最適な場所を探すためには、それぞれの条件をレイヤーとして重ね合わせていくことで、最適な土地を検索することができます。
Search for land by overlapping criteria
When planting new crops, there are numerous requirements to consider for a successful harvest. "Temperature below 30C in August and precipitation between 100mm and 150mm," could be, for example, necessary for your crop. In order to find the perfect place out of many options, each condition can be layered on top of each other to search for the best land.
ビジネスにおいては全ての条件を満足する土地だけが参入候補地になるとは限りません。また気象条件などは変動を考慮する必要もあります。 天地人コンパスは、その土地の様々なデータを分析し、リスクの高低を段階的に可視化することで、意思決定をサポートします。
Visualize the risks
In business, land assessment by itself does not categorise the location as ideal. Weather conditions need to be examined as well. However, Tenchijin Compass can analyzes data from various sources and visualizes the risk profile of a site to help you make decisions.
あなたの興味がある土地は、温度計や雨量計のある地上観測局から数十キロ以上離れた場所かもしれません。 天地人コンパスは、宇宙からピンポイントでその場所を分析し、その土地固有のデータを時系列で表示することができます。
Data can be generated
without ground-based observation point
The land you're interested in may be more than a few dozen kilometers away from a ground station with a thermometer or rain gauge. Tenchijin Compass can analyze the location with pinpoint accuracy from space and display a time series of data specific to that location.
  • 1


    Data collection
    for your project

    Using our extensive network of Earth observation satellites from our collaboration with space agencies and related industries around the world, we propose the most appropriate data set for each project.

  • 2


    of numerous data

    Our group consists of engineers with specialties in remote sensing who can navigate through various data such as surface temperature, precipitation, visible and SAR images, NDVI, CO2, and NO2.

  • 3


    Big Data
    and Machin Learning

    Tenchijin uses machine learning to uncover the value of land hidden beneath the vast amount of space big data accumulated in the past.

  • 4


    Keeping up
    with the latest
    technology trends

    Utilising our team members' experiences with satellite development, we monitor the fast-growing space ventures and develop state of the art solutions by recognising the future prospects and limitations of technology.

  • 5
    for startups認定

    天地人は、その先進的な事業性からMicrosft for startupsに認定されており、ビッグデータを取り扱うに十分な解析環境が構築されています。

    for startups

    Tenchijin was certified by Microsoft for startups for the forward-thinking attitude towards business and the environment equipped to handle big data.



Our members have a variety of expertise in new business development, satellite image analysis, big data analysis, machine learning, and satellite hardware development.

We connect diverse earth observation satellite data to the solution of issues in a timely manner.


Our members have a variety of expertise in new business development, satellite image analysis, big data analysis, machine learning, and satellite hardware development.

We connect diverse earth observation satellite data to the solution of issues in a timely manner.

桜庭 康人
桜庭 康人

多様な人的ネットワークと、マインドスコープ株式会社、株式会社センスプラウト等の設立・事業拡大を通じて身につけた豊富な新規事業開発の経験を活かし、株式会社天地人の代表取締役を務める。 農業IoTセンサーの開発経験もあり、ハードウェアからソフトウェアまでその知識は幅広く、天地人サービスをビジネス視点でデザインする。

Yasuhito Sakuraba

With a diverse network of human resources and a wealth of experience in new business development gained through the establishment and expansion of Mindscope Co., Ltd. and Senseprout Inc, he is the President of Tenchijin. He also has experience in developing agricultural IoT sensors, and his knowledge ranges from hardware to software, and designs Tenchiin services from a business perspective.

百束 泰俊
百束 泰俊

早稲田大学大学院理工学研究科機械工学専攻(修士) 現在、JAXA主任研究開発員でもある。降水観測の「GPM主衛星」、温室効果ガス観測の「いぶき2号衛星」について、全開発工程を担った地球観測衛星の専門家。 NASAゴダード宇宙飛行センター駐在を経験。 大規模システムのプロジェクトマネジメントを専門とする一方で、自ら開発した衛星の観測データを活用しつつ、ビジネスアイデアを創出する。

Yasutoshi Hyakusoku

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University (Master)
Currently, he is also JAXA's Principal Investigator. He is an expert on earth observation satellites and has been involved in the entire development process of the GPM core satellite for rainfall observation and the IBUKI-2 satellite for greenhouse gas observation. He was stationed at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. In addition to specializing in large-scale system project management, he has been creating business ideas by utilizing observation data from satellites he has developed.


東京大学大学院工学系研究科 先端学際工学専攻博士課程修了(博士(工学)) 衛星やドローンによるリモートセンシング画像の解析・分析が専門。 現在は、東京大学空間情報科学研究センター研究員、および米国シリコンバレーのスタートアップに所属。 三菱総合研究所で長年培った経験を生かしつつ、天地人サービスの開発を進める。衛星通信事業を担当する。

Lead Software Engineer/Co-Founder

D. in Advanced Interdisciplinary Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
He specializes in the analysis of remote sensing images using satellites and drones. He is currently a researcher at the University of Tokyo's Center for Spatial Information Science and a member of a startup in Silicon Valley, USA. He draws on his many years of experience at Mitsubishi Research Institute, while also developing celestial and human services. He is in charge of the satellite communication business.

冨永 歩
冨永 歩

2012年より税理士登録。 複数の企業の社外監査役なども務める事業管理、財務・会計のスペシャリスト。 事業推進の部分で、株式会社天地人の屋台骨を支える。

Ayumu Tominaga
Outside Director

He has been a registered tax accountant since 2012.
He is a specialist in business management, finance and accounting, including serving as an external auditor for several companies. He supports the backbone of Tenchijin in the area of business development.

吉田 裕紀
吉田 裕紀

外資系広告会社Wieden+Kennedyのクリエイティブ・テクノロジストとして先端技術を用いたデジタル広告企画やプロトタイプ制作の実績を積んだ後、 日本科学未来館では難解な科学データや地球環境を、一般生活者に直感的に伝える展示の企画・コンテンツ開発に従事する。 専門はインタラクションデザイン。天地人では、UI/UXディレクションとフロントエンド開発を担当している。

Yuki Yoshida
Design Engineer

He is equipped with experience in digital advertisement planning and prototyping from his days as Creative Technologist at Widen+Kennedy; and communication skills to inform the public of difficult scientific data and the global environment as an event planner at National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan). He specializes in Interaction Design. In Tenchijin, he is in charge of UI/UX direction and front-end development.

木村 紋子
木村 紋子

東京大学大学院工学系研究科先端学際工学専攻博士課程修了(博士(工学))。 大学では一貫して流体力学を基礎とした交通渋滞の研究を実施。 株式会社三菱総合研究所を経てフリーランス。 これまで、官公庁向けに自動車、鉄道、航空などの交通政策に関する調査研究、民間企業向けに自動車、ITS分野の新商品開発、海外進出に関するコンサルティングを経験。 専門分野:航空・宇宙、交通、流体力学、自動車・ITS・コネクテッドカー。

Ayako Kimura
Project Manager

D. in Advanced Interdisciplinary Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
She conducted research on traffic congestion based on fluid dynamics. After working at Mitsubishi Research Institute, she worked as a freelancer. She has experience with researching transportation policies for government agencies in the areas of automobiles, railways, and aviation, and has consulted for private companies on new product development in the automotive and ITS fields and overseas expansion. Areas of expertise: aerospace, transportation, fluid dynamics, automobiles, ITS and connected cars.

浦部 雄平
浦部 雄平

IE Business School MBA修了。 アクセンチュアにて経営コンサルティングを実施後、楽天にて新規事業開発、海外事業管理、経営企画業務に従事。 その後、Triple W株式会社のヨーロッパ責任者として事業立ち上げを経験。 現在はフランスにて日本とヨーロッパのスタートアップの事業立ち上げ、拡大、海外展開を支援。天地人では海外企業とのプロジェクト、アライアンスを担当している。

Yohei Urabe
Business Development Manager

MBA from IE Business School
After working as a management consultant at Accenture, he joined Rakuten, where he was involved in new business development, overseas business management and corporate planning. After that, he was in charge of Europe at Triple W Inc. He is currently working in France to help Japanese and European startups launch and expand their businesses abroad. At Tenchijin, he is in charge of projects and alliances with foreign companies.

是枝 仁
是枝 仁

フリーランスのグラフィックデザイナーとして2006年より活動を開始。 主に企業ロゴや名刺などブランディング関連のデザイン経験を経て2016年よりライバルスクールズに参加。 現在同社アートディレクターとして外資系企業のローカライゼーションを担当している。

Jin Koreeda
Art Director

He has been working as a freelance graphic designer since 2006. He joined Rival Schools in 2016 after having designed mainly corporate logos, business cards and other branding-related projects. He currently works as an art director at the company, where he is in charge of localization for foreign companies.

小川 万尋
小川 万尋

筑波大学生命環境科学研究科環境科学専攻(修士)水の循環を科学する学問である水文学が専門。 JAXA研究開発員でもあり、JAXAでは、衛星データを用いた防災事業に従事。 天地人では、一次産業分野の市場分析および水資源に関する研究を担当している。

Mahiro Ogawa

Master in Environmental Science, University of Tsukuba, specializes in hydrology, the science of the water cycle. She is also a JAXA research and development (R&D) staff member, and at JAXA, she works on disaster prevention projects using satellite data. At Tenchijin, she is in charge of market analysis of primary industries and research on water resources.

笠井 誠⽃
笠井 誠⽃

慶應義塾大学大学院理工学研究科総合デザイン工学専攻 に在学。 専門は、深層学習、コンピュータビジョン / 自然言語処理。天地人では、画像解析と機械学習を担当している。

Seito Kasai
Software Engineer

He is currently enrolled in the Graduate School of Science and Technology, Keio University, Department of Integrated Design Engineering.
He specializes in deep learning, computer vision and natural language processing. He is in charge of image analysis and machine learning at Tenchijin.

陳 柏嘉
陳 柏嘉

東京大学大学院新領域創成科学研究科社会文化環境学専攻(空間情報研究センター)に在学。 専門は、深層学習、都市計算。 天地人では、バックエンド開発を担当している。

Chen Oscar
Software Engineer

Master in Department of Socio-Cultural and Environmental Studies (Center for Spatial Information Research) Graduate School of Frontier Sciences,University of Tokyo. He specializes in deep learning and urban computation. In Tenchijin, he is in charge of the back-end development.

中間 洋子 サラ
中間 洋子 サラ

ジョージア工科大学理学部物理学科(副専攻:国際開発)に在学。 専門は、宇宙物理学、環境の持続可能性 。 天地人では、ソフトウェアエンジニアとマーケットリサーチを担当している。

Yoko Sarah Nakama
Software Engineer

She is a Masters student at Department of Physics at Tokyo Institute of Technology. She specializes in astrophysics and environmental sustainability. She works as a software engineer and market researcher for Tenchijin.

岡田 和樹
岡田 和樹

明治大学農学部農学科4年野菜園芸学研究室(明治大学院農学研究科進学予定)に在学。 専門は、野菜園芸学。 天地人では、一次産業でのビジネス開発を担当している。

Kazuki Okada
Agricultural Researcher

He is a fourth-year student at the Laboratory of Vegetable Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, Meiji University. His specialty is vegetable gardening. At Tenchijin, he is in charge of business development in primary industries.














宇宙ビッグデータを使った独自の土地評価サービスを提供する株式会社 天地人が、米国Microsoft社が提供する『Microsoft for Startups』に採択されました